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What’s Wrong With Angie’s List??

Several articles have been published on regarding companies and agencies like Angie’s List and the BBB. Simple matter of truth is that there are some pros and cons about them. This is not much different than most things. Our point of issue is generally more towards deceptive marketing and misleading statements made by those services that report or post reviews on companies.

Ask those customers that have used Angie’s List and you will get mixed reviews. Some say they have had a great experience while others insist that Angie’s List pulled a “quick one” on them. Links to these suggestions of unethical practices can be found in our earlier post regarding Angie’s List.

Some may ask, “Why is a HVAC blog site concerned with contractor review services?” The answer is quite simple. These types of services can actually harm small contractors and bigger contracting companies alike. There are many great HVAC contractors that do not wish to jump through the hoops of such services in order to maybe attract a customer. The hoops?? Well, let’s suffix it to say that much as any customer regards their privacy, contracting companies likewise regard their privacy.

Finally, a big sticking point is the question of why anyone in this present downturned economy would spend a nickel, must less the average fee, to join a contractor review company. Have we really sunk to the level where someone has to do everything for us? After all, it really is not that difficult to find a reliable contractor. There are several posts here at HVACmarket which address how to find a good HVAC contractor. These days in America we have someone to wash our car, someone to walk our dog, someone to clean our house, and NOW someone to find a “good” company for us while charging us on top of it!! Don’t take it the wrong way, there is nothing wrong with having great services but there is nothing wrong with self-performing certain responsibilites and duties that are a part a diginified life. Think about it. If we allow someone to do everything for us and if we have a gadget device that figures everything out for us…what are we going to be capable of doing for ourselves?

Look at what America’s economy primary consists of these days. Consumer related industry. We used to be the country that was Under GOD (and not just on our money) and actually produced our own products and foods. Certainly we can find a company to deal with on our own. Right? Are you really going to pay someone that produces nothing? What do these agencies produce? Nothing, they produce nothing. They are a service for those who are not willing to do a little homework to find a reliable company.

“Convenience can be the mother of great destruction if  what it took to gain convenience is not remembered and appreciated”

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