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Selling Used HVAC Tools, Products, & Equipment

Recently a subscriber here at requested some information pertaining to selling a used AC system (portable). Here at we are happy to help our subscribers and general visitors.

There is generally a large interest in purchasing used equipment, etc pertaining to HVAC…Especially in this down turned economy where many are open to the idea of spending less by purchasing used products.

In this case the subscriber stated that the product was fairly new however was not working any longer. Even in the event that a smaller self contained AC product is “broken” there are a lot of folks that would buy it for parts in the event they have the same portable AC.  Our suggestion for interactions of selling such items would be to use a platform like Ebay where perspective buyers can bid. This helps especially if you are unsure of what the item is worth.

If any readers of this article have any other suggestions please feel free to comment. Thanks!!

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