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Using Your Economizer to Maximize Savings


That’s right…it’s spring time. Spring is one of periods out of the year where your building’s HVAC equipment can maximize utility savings through economizer use.

Economizers are one of the most widely overlooked components related to HVAC in terms of operational status. Your company spends a bundle to have automatic economizers installed on their HVAC equipment, but what good does it do if they fail to function or are not properly maintained.

Most buildings have an outside service company perform PM inspections. If you happen to be dealing with a “bottom dollar” service provider you can bet they are not checking the economizer. In addition, as simplistic as most economizers are many service technicians do not understand how they should work and when they should work. This is especially true of “bottom dollar” PM contracts since the servicing company is not going to be sending out their top paid tech to perform a filter change.

In short the whole point of this quick post is to remind businesses to ensure their economizers are working properly during the spring season as companies can reap huge savings. This, of course, is accomplished by utilizing the outdoor air when temperature & humidity levels are low enough. Why pay for one or more compressors to run when you can use that 55 DEG FREE outside air. Think about it, if your building has several roof top or packaged units equipped with economizers that work, imagine the cost difference between simply bringing cool, dry(40-50 percent humidity) outside air in versus eating up all that energy to run compressors.

We could imagine some readers thinking, “Wait a minute, our employees have allergies and they would be tormented by bringing pollen laden air inside”. Not to fear, economizers can be fitted with filters capable of removing allergens from the air before introducing it into occupied spaces. In addition, the filters for the HVAC system itself can be upgraded to remove allergens as well.

All this of course requires properly trained service technicians. Of course the price seems expensive if you are comparing them to the usual PM contracts that are so common today. You are not comparing apples to apples because regardless of what the contract tasking suggests, you are simply getting a filter change with the “bottom dollar” contract. The savings you will acquire by hiring quality HVAC providers will always outweigh the expensive of letting “frik & frac” (Frick & Frack) companies run amuck.


Frik & Frac (Frick & Frack): Term of “endearment” for those two idiots one always sees together.

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