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Fishing…Finding Time to Find Peace of Mind


Being involved with the fast paced world of HVAC has forbidden the time for many to relax and simply put on the brakes for even a day. Fishing can be that needed outlet if planned right. I suppose for starters  a crucial point would be to go for the experience and be sure not to place too great an expectation on the day. Not many activities can provide the tranquility that comes with fishing in a far off lake, away from all the commotion of your daily life.

Take your kids along, again not placing too much expectation on the day, making sure that you simply plan on getting enjoyment out of watching them fish. With kids its no big deal if you do not bring home the “trophy” or for that matter anything. The pleasure you can get out of a day of watching your kids laugh and enjoy themselves while out fishing is something money can’t buy.

I enjoy finding that one cove where no one else is and simply allowing my mind to unwind as the steady clicking of the reel is working its hypnotic charm while God’s fowl of the air sing their song to any that will hear. Watching the sun light flicker across the water’s surface as it breaks through the shade cast by the green forest canopy overhanging the shore adds to the peaceful mystic offered by God through His creation. You are probably getting the idea that the catch isn’t necessarily the point of going and you would be correct. Sure its nice but there is something far more valuable offered by a good day on the water…peace, quiet, moments of reflection. Obviously, it is not as quiet if kids are your company for the day however in a very odd way, it is just as peaceful. Watching kids reel in the catch or simply perfect the perfect cast is a great joy.

Life goes by so quickly. Don’t be that individual that always says, “Next year”, “Next week”, “Tomorrow”, or whatever kinda’ excuse is handy. God has given this day; there is no promise of tomorrow.

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