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I want to thank the visitors of this blog and to share a little about my relation to the HVAC/R trade. Growing up I was attracted to the idea that I could take something that was broken and successfully make repairs in order to regain operation of whatever mechanical device it happened to be. These mechanical aptitudes never left and eventually lead to me starting a career in the commercial HVAC trade. The HVAC/R trade is a great career for those who enjoy a challenge and as an individuals age, the HVAC/R trade is very generous in supplying different opportunities that require less physical involvement and more intuitive skills…such as building automation programming. I spent the majority of my time in the commercial HVAC/R trade located in Northern Virginia. My experience mainly involved equipment such as chillers, water-source heat pumps, Variable Air Volume, Variable Air/Variable Temperature, and computer room climate control. I am currently the administrator here at BLOG and look forward to interacting with others interested in the field of HVAC/R. Here at BLOG we want other professionals and companies to author and post topics that are relevant to the trade. Recently we have brought on a Virginia based company to assist in publishing relevant field topics. The name of their company is Cardinal Air Services and we welcome their contribution to this site. Please enjoy the site and come back often as I hope it will continue to evolve into something great. Look for my posts to lessen while new contributors are brought on for publishing. Thanks.

Please feel free to join in the conversations here at The site is new and is slowly progressing. Please be considerate and professional…EVEN if you disagree with another individual’s post. THANK YOU!!

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  1. mike colomb

    A few years ago i closed my HVAC service co and have a fair amount of tools and supplies for sale…. does anyone know a site where i can post and sell my tools and equipment

  2. CAS


    There are many places online to post your tools and when placed correctly you should have no problem getting a bite. First off, sorry to hear of your company’s closing. The best places online are of course HVAC related sites. Feel free to post them on the CAS Facebook page at Cardinal Air Servcies on Facebook and also on the CAS Twitter page at Cardinal Air Services on Twitter. Here is a list of other sites you may wish to post your tools:

    Contractor Talk

    Best wishes from CAS!!

  3. CAS,

    Thanks for responding to Mike’s question!!

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